Delivery Information

Pick up in store

For Wyoming customers a pickup in store option is available at checkout, Please keep in mind

  1.  Please allow 2 hours between placing your order and pick up time
  2.  Store hours Monday - Saturday 10 am - 7 pm, pickups will only be available during normal business hours
  3.  Orders will only be held for 5 days, after that all inventory will be restocked and the customers money will be refunded minus a 20 percent restocking fee
  4.  If you cannot pickup the order within the 5 day window please call the shop at (307) 337-4400 to make the appropriate arrangements, hold times will only be extended to a maximum of 10 days
  5. We are not obligated to extend the hold period of the ordered product by any number of days, but may provide this service to polite customers

Flat Rate Shipping & Handling

All customers have the option for flat rate shipping, Please keep in mind

  1. All orders should be processed the Monday or Thursday after they are placed on the website, and the package may not ship until the following business day.
  2. Actual shipping charges may be different from Flat Rate processing if orders fit in a different box.

International Shipping & Handling

We are glad to handle international orders and we will do our best to get our product to you, please call ahead so we can work out shipping costs and customs for your country before placing your order

  1. If you apply a free shipping coupon to an international order it will be processed as a reduced shipping coupon due to the high costs to ship internationally 
  2. We are not responsible for Customs/Duties or Taxes incurred by importing our products into your country 
  3. We are not responsible for lost or seized product by shipping to an international customer
  4. To limit delays and loss of personal funds, please check your local laws before placing an order with to see if it is legal for us to ship tobacco to your area
  5. We will not refund any amount of money if our product is seized or lost due to intervention by law enforcement/customs
  6. We try to package our products so that they will arrive to you in the best condition possible, international shipping can be tough on cigars 
  7. Law Enforcement/Customs may open and inspect our products, we are not responsible for opened packages or damage or loss.